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Surf Life Coaching

Is it time to immerse yourself into a fresh perspective? Are you feeling stuck, stagnant and uninspired? Let's deep dive into a mind and body coaching experience, I have intentionally designed these sessions to help you step out of the stagnation of your comfort zone and move into the new and exciting grounds of your true authentic self. These fun, eye opening surf life coaching sessions are a pivotal point for many of my clients in gaining perspective and a fresh view, opening up a more exciting vision, be it life, career, relationship or health focused, these session always bring something new and exciting to the fore front.

Surf Life Experience is a 5-part process that consists of: 

  • Pre-Session: An exploratory session to determine where you are at with your transition what you want to change
  • Immersion: A surf lesson at the beach to elicit more discovery, exploration of fear, and what it would mean to embody your change
  • Reflection and Discovery:  Reflecting on your immersion and then focusing on identifying your aspirations and values
  • Goal setting: Setting the path forward
  • Accountability: Checking in periodically to monitor and coach you through the change you are seeking to make

Is it time to immerse yourself into a fresh perspective? Let's take a deep dive into your fears and pave the path for your beautiful authenticity to immerge.


Lisa Faherty (Qualified Surf Instructor and Life Coach)



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