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About Our Surf  School

Our surf school trailer is located at the safest spot to surf, right by the Lyall Bay Surf Lifesaving Club. We teach everyday the surf is up, so please feel free to drop down and say hi, take a lesson and get advice about the best place to surf on the day.
Try Before You Buy
We really want you to make the right choice on buying equipment, so you can continue to build confidence in the water. We can guide you on the right equipment to buy during our classes, based on your surfing ability and goals (It's very important to get the right length and volume surfboard for your height, weight and ability). You can also trial run some of our equipment at your lesson or by doing a practise rental, to make sure you are happy with it.
We have a great range of recommended beginner to intermediate level Vision soft-boards you can choose from. You can also buy the same high-quality C-Skins wetsuits we use in our surf school. 
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